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Sandals for narrow feet kids from Europe
Brown designer leather sandal for a child with great support.
Fashion brown sandals for girls with support
Made in France.
Made out of brown leather with gray sand accent.
Decorated with metal pins.
Arches present in the sole of the model.
Technology from 1990 manufactured sole in Europe with ortho arch present.
Soles come from Europe not China - thus ortho arch present.
Durable style - lovely on kids feet.

Brown leather high fashion girls sandals

Flat foot and very narrow sandals for girls


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Anu 2014-03-14 23:26:00

Adorable on any child with average feet. My daughter has narrow feet and they fit so well. Quality all the way on those. Beautifully made and fit is exceptional. Leather on them is soft and well processed. Arch support is build into the sole but visible. Very nice on the foot and they fit just great. I love that grown up looking style on little kid! Love that!

Jeannine, Amarillo, TX 2013-09-10 16:32:58

Amazing quality and adorable on kids feet! I am very pleased with them as they held up so well entire summer. French made and perfect for narrower feet. They literally matched every outfit my daughter had. Browns, greens, oranges, purples - wore them with everything. I just placed another order for Fall shoes and I like to buy Bopy again. I don't mind paying for 2 pairs of quality shoes a season for a child because she actually wears them and they shape her feet the right way. Something that Chinese shoes (aka American ones) do not do - but deform her feet. I learn that a while back from my pediatric doctor who is Italian by the way.

MaryAnn D from Virginia 2012-07-09 22:34:18

Very stylish sandal. They look amazing on my daughter's feet. They look like a grown-up style on little girl. The quality of leather, design and overall fit is superb. Made in France - 100% - no flakes, threats coming apart - total quality as expected. I love this store, I have been buying shoes every season from them and I never got any shoe that was low quality or poorly made. You get what you paid for - that is all.