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Sandals orthopedic for a child with flat feet
Closed toe gray lime leather sandals for a child with proper support.
Wide width best support sandals for a child
Made out of gray/lime leather.
Good for wide feet and high instep.
Great arch and none sweat innersoles.
Close back and covered front for active kids.
Great for running jumping and all the activities
Proper European made sandals for a child with good support.
Soft leather used and none sweat soles so no smelly feet ever in those cool sandals.
Quality sandals as those are very important for kids feet and proper foot development.
This is the best quality sandal that you can buy for a boy and they will last entire 5-6 months of wear.
We in Europe never buy abundance of shoes but only 2 pairs per season for each child.
Those shoes are best for kids feet and they do the job of foot forming.
Europe does not run business of orthodics - since medicine is not for profit.

Wide width best support sandals for a child

Closed toe kids sandals with good arches


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