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Best sandals for pigeon toed toddler with wide feet

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      Best sandals for pigeon toed toddler with wide feet
      Ankle support at its best for kids.
      Quality boys sandals for active boy.
      Made out of blue/gray/brown nubuck leather.
      High arches in those sandals.
      Feet will rest in those sandals and will not sweat in them
      Superior quality, very soft shoe.
      Ankle supportive best for boys,
      Avoid cheap shoes made in low production countries
      Why, they deform kids feet over time.
      No support, no fit, low quality materials used.
      Child will end up flat footed, pronated with collapsed ankles.
      Deformed feet affect child posture.

      Quality boys sandals for active boy

      Sturdy good ankle orthopedic walking sandals


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      Nora - mom from Cali 2014-02-06 20:52:21

      They do run big so I ordered size 26 (normally would buy size 27) and they are like size over! They do fit well wide, chubby feet. Velcros are long enough and they are very durable sandals. Matter of fact we had closed toe ones in a brown color that are identical in a sole and they wore like iron. True European product and great leather. Arch support is clearly visible inside and you can feel it with your hand. I don't mind spending money on quality shoes as they important for children's feet. I myself as I kid had only European shoes and I do not have any feet or posture problems so I want the same for my son.

      Perla J from TX 2012-07-10 18:37:28

      Great quality and fit! I will be back for Fall shoes!

      Aishi N from Tokyo, JP 2012-03-19 22:58:06

      I like those sandals. Well made and colorful. My son has rather wide foot and those worked out great. They run big so I ordered size smaller. They are very light, flexible and well made shoes for active boy. I had winter boots from that brand that I ordered from that site and they were great as well. So far this is my favorite brand.