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Sandals to prevent toe walking in kids

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Manufacturer Bopi

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 02-457852
  • Sandals to prevent toe walking in kids
    Proper heel support for ankles and posture alignment.
    Best quality, high tops for kids
    Tip toe condition best walking sandals from France
    True ortho leather sandals that will restore your kids feet.
    Silver leather decorated with flower and easy to close buckle
    Good stable soles
    Proper baby shoe for young walkers.
    Did you know that kids feet are formed by shoes they wear?
    If you putting low quality shoes on little feet they will get deformed.
    Crocks, Keens, cheap sneakers, rubber sandals, shoes with no ankle or orthopedic support - all made in China
    Avoid those shoes as a plague since they guaranteed to deform your child's feet.
    You will not see it immediately but over time you will since feet begun to collapse and gait of the body will shift
    Child will begin to pigeon toe or pronate and that is a clear cause of wearing shoes with no support.

    Best quality high tops for kids with good arches

    Silver sandals for girls with arches


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