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Ankle high closed back pronation sandals for kids

Pigeon toe corrective ankle support sandals

Pronation fix sandals with arches for children

Closed back tall ankle support pronation preventive sandals for babies, toddlers and kids with best heel support. Closed back orthopedic arches present. Best for pigeon toes, flat feet, weak ankles, supination, pronation. Best closed toe and tall ankle high styles with supportive heel to correct orthopedic problems such as ankle pronation and pigeon toes. Orthopedic doctor recommended closed back weak ankle preventive sandals for children with proper orthopedic support, arches, none smell soles, and made out of best leathers. Best start up walking ankle orthopedic sandals for proper balance, ankle support, stability and foot support for children. Best closed back tall ankle sandals to correct and fix weak ankles, pigeon toes, and ankle pronation in children of all ages. Offered on hard bottom soles for infants and babies learning to stand and walk. Sole on those sandals is sturdy, supportive and on many models there is Thomas Heel sole. Thomas Heel sole is used to reinforce the sandal even further and it is used when child pronates. Usually children with wide feet and high instep walk in them well. Those with narrow feet need different models since the sole is just to wide for them. We offer sandals on various soles as well from many manufacturers. Spanish or French shoes usually offer sandals for kids with narrow soles so they fit perfectly. Idea is to find a sandal that fit well and it is not too big nor too small. There have to be 1/2 inch of growing room left so they can last entire season. European sandals are simply the best for growing and developing feet. They also cure and restore orthopedic problems that children have by wearing cheap shoes with no support. Ankle sandals stabilize, form and support kids feet and posture and align kids feet into proper position. Closed back ankle sandals are best for small growing and developing feet. All imported from Europe and not made in China. European made shoes form kids feet correctly, they support foot development, ankle alignment, body gait, knees and spine. Well formed feet is the base of good posture. Therefore, we Europeans never place junk none-orthopedic shoes on our children. Why, because it is a health hazard. Why would we deform our kids feet? We grew up on those shoes in Europe even during communistic times. It was when government run all manufacturing companies back in 1970, even then communists made children orthopedic shoes with arches. They were not fancy shoes (but heel supportive with structure) as those but they had all features of supportive shoes. Do you think they cared for us as children and wanted us children to wear good shoes? - not really. Issue was we had public health care system in many European countries so it was cost effective to produce quality heel supported shoes as it is a health product. How much would it cost a health care to treat children with savaged feet? Was it better to make quality shoes to prevent all the orthopedic problems? YES! How much would Communists had to spent to improve those pronated, pigeon toed, tip toe walking little feet? Thus they made us ugly communistic closed back shoes but they were orthopedic. They were not free, our parents had to pay for them. Every child in communistic Europe wore such ugly shoes but our feet are perfect and well formed. Now, you have a chance buy orthopedic shoes but beautiful made by private companies who care about appearance and quality.
Dimetria White

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Dobosz Blue

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Dora Purple

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Dragon Gray

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