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School mary jane shoes for children best quality, imported from Europe. Durable, comfortable shoes with good orthopedic arches best for flat feet , weak ankles with pronation. Imported from Spain, Poland, France and Serbia. Offered in many colors black, brown, red, navy leathers with actual best support available. They will match any school uniform. Perfect for private school. They have less decoration then normal European shoes that are always fun and colorful. Offered in smooth leather and patent that will be perfect for daily wear. Children can wear them entire school year with no problems. Footwear feature orthopedic arches, none sweat antibacterial innersoles and soft rubber soles best for walking and running. Those are best proper footwear for girls and boys all manufactured in Europe out of best leathers and according to orthopedic standards set in Europe. Europe does not sell or import footwear made in China since they are the worst kind for growing and developing feet. Only European made footwear are orthopedic, supportive and best for kids feet. They benefit flat feet, pigeon toe, supination, ankle pronation and tip toe walking. Only quality for children are manufactured in Europe since they are viewed as developmental, medical need not a fashion statement. Invest in good school footwear for school since child wears them daily and they need all they support for their growing and forming feet. We offer best selection of Spanish shoes such as Biomecanics which are considered the best uniform shoes for kids of all ages. Elegant Italian loafers which are also durable and well made by Naturino.

Durable leather shoes for children in many colors

Flat feet best school shoes for children from Europe

Naima Black

Black orthopedic school shoes for girlsBest for daily school wear with actual orthopedic support. Wider toe box for comfortable fit.Orthopedic arches, heel su..

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Nela Burgundy

Orthopedic dress shoes for girls with arches and proper ankle support. Back of the shoe is supported and child will not pigeon toe in those shoes. Of course i..

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Pela Navy

Toddler arch support shoes European made since in Europe no flat shoes with zero support is ever produced for children. Only supportive orthopedic shoes are m..

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Polinezja Black

Posture corrective shoes for kids with high archesOrthopedic school or dress shoes for girlsVery durable to wear to school and they will last entire season ea..

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Polinezja Navy

Navy patent leather shoes for girlsGreat school shoes or special occasion best style.Child can wear them entire Fall season as well since they universal shoes..

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Rokes Navy

Orthopedic loafers for boys in navy color Classic well made loafers for boys best for dress up or school wear. Navy leather, good arches and close with fronta..

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