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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Madagaskar Yellow

Yellow sandals for girls with closed toe

Serbian sandals for girls with support
Made out of quality leather in yellow leather and decorated with flowers.
They are soft, well made with profiled soles and excellent support.
Try them you will be blown away with quality of those sandals.
Good arch support inside for total ortho support that every child does need.
Easy fit style for child.
Perfect cross between a sandal, shoe or even sneaker for Spring or Summer.
Child can wear them to camp or just daily for total torture.
They will never fall apart since they are solidly made with actual support.
They are closed heel with reinforced back that is best for ankle pronation.
No feet smell in those sandals ever as they feature special antibacterial innersoles
They absorb sweat from kids feet so no smelly feet in them ever.
Orthopedic support best against flat feet, pronation and pigeon toes.
Those are some quality shoes that every child should wear not just those with feet problems.
Shoes form and shape kids feet and posture so in Europe that is the only kind of shoes we place on our children
And we all end up with well formed feet and good posture.
There is no pigeon toes, pronation, flat feet or pigeon toes in Europe.
Those shoes will take care of all of those conditions since caliber of shoes as those will take care of all all orthopedic problems
We have no business of AFO, orthodics and medical visits.
We spent money on good shoes for children from day one and they cost a pretty penny in Europe as well.

Yellow ortho sandals for a girl

Quality kids sneakers made in Serbia


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