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Biomecanics shoes designed by podiatrist for baby

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Manufacturer Biomecanics

Product Code: Gumka Rose

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  • Shoes for baby designed by podiatrist by Biomecanics
    Made in Spain best new walkers.
    Designed by Biomechanical Institute in Spain providing best orthopedic support
    Soft ankle supportive baby or toddler walking shoes
    Those little shoes offer best support possible for small growing and developing feet.
    Great ortho arches, soft soles and one sweat soles present.
    Baby's feet will be supported and protected at all times.
    Feet will never sweat in those shoes ever.
    Made with rose leather decorated with owls
    Arches visible and supportive in toddlers shoes.
    Will not sweat in those baby or toddler shoes.
    Shoes are ultra important for children as they develop and form kids feet.
    That is why shoes made for children in Europe are regulated by Ministry of Health.
    Reason for that is shoes for kids are viewed as foot and posture developmental product, not a fashion statement.
    Every child in Europe wears supportive shoes since no cheap shoes with zero support are allowed from China.
    Kids feet are like jello you can form them any way you like and good shoes with best support are desired.
    They have to have all features of supportive shoe so kids feet will form nicely in them.
    Child is never brown with pigeon toes or ankle pronation...those ortho conditions are caused by low quality shoe worn as child.
    Once feet are deformed in children only improvement could be made since no orthodics will ever restore kids feet to healthy condition.
    That is why it is so important to stat a child with good shoes and continue till they are teens.
    2 pairs of good shoes are needed for each child for each season.
    They last about 6 months but that is money well spent.
    Trust us - once child's feet are deformed with cheap toddler shoes it takes long time to repair them or make some improvement.
    Our foot doctors in Europe only recommend European shoes for children as they only orthopedic ones.
    They do not get paid by promoting any brand at all, all European shoes have features of support inside and that is what small feet do need.

    Soft ankle supportive baby walking shoes

    Excellent orthopedic arch support


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