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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Lomer Navy Sparkle

Blue leather navy dressy arch support high tops

Shoes for one year old child with good arch support
Wide feet best orthopedic shoes for girls
Pronation preventive baby leather boots
Navy print smooth leather decorated with shimmer.
All present as in all the orthopedic shoes
Ankle is supported well to prevent supination and pronation.
No shoes are ever soft in a back in any European brand.
Kids need ankle support and foot alignment
None sweat soles are needed since kids feet sweat more then adults.
Quality shoes for a toddler that form little feet over time of wear.
No substitutes, only shoes made in Europe for your baby.
They are the truly orthopedic ones.
Avoid cheap shoes for your child in general they destroy kids feet.
Europe makes only orthopedic shoes for kids - no other country.
Those shoes needs to be measured and fitted well and Europeans truly spent time to make them correctly.
Europeans view those shoes as foot forming product for kids so no cheap shoes are allowed for sale.
Europe medicine is not for profit so there is no business of selling orthodics for kids like it is in USA.
Parents fell to understand that once kids feet are deformed and destroyed no orthodics will help.
Shoes - only good supportive shoes for kids - nothing else will work.

Wide feet baby shoes for toddler

Pronation preventive baby leather boots


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