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Boys leather shoes with arch for sensitive feet

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Zarold Gray

  • SKU: 55-45789
  • Shoes for sensitive feet in kids and arch support
    Not only that they are the best orthopedic, sturdy shoes that you can buy for a boy.
    The leather on them is a bit stiff but they will loosen up over time.
    Leather expands about 30% so they will adjust nicely on boys feet.
    Orthopedic high arch casual shoes for a boy.
    Foot forming best with proper ankle and sturdy heel support.
    Kids need ankle support so the shoes cannot be soft in the heel
    They have to be sturdy, supportive and not bent in the back.
    That keeps ankles elevated and supported.
    Flat foot best leather shoes for boys
    Made out gray/black leather.
    Accented with yellow color.
    Those are proper orthopedic shoes for a child.
    They have it all - arches, heel support, none sweat soles and all.

    Orthopedic high arch shoes for a boy

    Flat foot best leather shoes for boys


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    Steven 2014-08-13 17:34:01

    Like those shoes, a bit stiff at first and they later loosen nicely. My son likes them a lot and that is important.

    Dina 2014-03-14 23:25:51

    This is one durable shoe! My God - they wear like iron..I got them purely for the fact that they have arch support inside (and they do a good one) but when we tested them and my son has been wearing them since October and still wear them now and nothing fall out of that shoe. Sole, vercro, color - still showing like new. My son wears them everyday to school and boy he torments his shoes to the point that I have to buy new ones every 3 months or so. Those lasted so well that I see why the price is so high. It is the quality, durability, and great support. Also, I noticed that my son did not sweat in them - his feet are always dry. Leather on them is great - it was my first order and I just bought another style from that brand since they tested so well. I will buy quality shoes from now on since I am spending less money in a long run and they are better on my son's feet. Very happy mom from Maine.