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Shoes for toe walkers with good support

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Nela Burgundy

  • SKU: 66-562
  • Tags:  dress-shoes-girls

    Shoes for toe walkers with good support
    Orthopedic dress shoes for girls with arches and proper ankle support.
    Back of the shoe is supported and child will not pigeon toe in those shoes.
    Of course it happens over time since shoes form kids feet.
    It is important best shoes are worn at all times since they form and shape kids feet and posture.
    Flat foot best support shoes for girls
    All orthopedic problems in kids are caused by cheap shoes with zero support worn as child.
    Avid cheap shoes from China at all cost, they are not orthopedic and not supportive.
    They will destroy your kids feet - over time.
    Child is not born with pigeon toes nor pronation - it is acquired by children with cheap shoes.
    That is why in Europe kids wear only best shoes - orthopedic and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
    Made out of red patent leather.
    Superior quality shoes perfect for all year round wear.
    Perfect dressy style for any occasion.

    Flat foot best support shoes for girls

    Red leather dress shoes for girls with arches


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    Lydia D - Portland, OR 2013-08-06 23:55:01

    Ordered them for school since local catholic school requires either black or red shoes. Those were plain enough. What I like about them is style and quality. Boy they hold up well! My daughter wore size 28 literally entire year and they still look great. Now, I just bought size 29 and I am sure we will wear them entire year. This is called European quality!