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Shoes to learn how to walk for toddlers

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Brands Biokanik

Product Code: Prizia White

  • SKU: 22-24578
  • Shoes to learn how to walk for toddlers.
    Made in Spain out of best white leather for toddlers.
    Decorated with small flowers.
    Rounded toe for comfortable fit.
    Arches present
    , ankle support and anti sweat soles.
    Stable biomechanical sole that keeps the heel in a packet for new learn walkers.
    Baby will walk stable in them since feet will be supported at all times.
    Best shoes to learn how to walk for toddlers best to learn how to walk.
    Proper mary janes for toddlers designed and manufactured by Orthopedic Society Team in University of Bolonia.
    Made in Spain
    out of best white leather for toddlers.
    Best soft orthopedic learn to walk mary janes for small toddlers
    They can walk, run and jump in those shoes easily like all toddlers do.
    Shoes are ultra important for toddlers as they form, stabilize and support their feet.
    European made mary janes for toddlers are simply the best for small growing and forming feet and learn to walk. 
    When they learn to walk the heel is supported so does not turn or collapse ankles.
    Toddlers when they start walking need soft ankle high shoes to learn how to walk so their feet are supported at all times.

    Hand made in Spain out of best quality leather

    Heel support soft sole walkers for kids


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    Stacy 2018-08-23 21:59:26

    Adorable shoes for a child. Beautiful leather and fit is exceptional on them. I am glad that I ordered them size up since they do run small. Perfect Easter shoes for my baby. Thanks.

    Joyce - L.A California 2018-03-08 20:36:59

    Lovely shoes, one of the kind. They are flexible, well made with profiled soles. Made in Spain! It is amazing that in Europe people have access to such quality and in USA we are destined to buy for total crap. Worst of all - made in China. I completely refuse to buy junk and buy European products and USA made if possible. If more people think like me and buy less but quality (and made in USA) maybe we will have a change in this country and return to quality and manufacturing.

    Steve from Las Vegas, NV 2016-08-25 22:11:51

    The most adorable shoes that I ever saw! My baby loves to wear them and they super comfy. Cute as they can be...... I am single father so I kind of have no clue about the shoes and what exactly to buy for a child. I like to thank you for your prompt replies to my e-mails. The size was perfect with some growing room to spear. I clearly see a difference in my child's walk and balance plus the arch support inside is just amazing. Thank you for all your help. You just gained another frequent customer.