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Shoes to stop tipy toe walking kids

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Brand: Bopi

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Tags:  tip toe walker shoes for kids

Ankle boots for boys from France

Good support Euro boots for boys

Shoes to stop tippy toe walking kids
Ankle support boots with reinforced ankle support for a boy
Quality ankle boots for boy straight from Europe.
Blue leather color, lovely dressy boots.
Orthopedic arches are inside molded into the soles of the shoes.
Leather goes on top of the mold and sole supports the foot to perfection.
Sole as opposed to leather never goes flat so child will be walking in quality shoes with good support at all times.
No more build up lining inside since arch is added and molded into the sole of the model.
That way foot is supported at all time since rubber sole never goes flat.
Leather is a soft pliable material so over time arches in shoes decreased and collapsed thus for that reason soles were changed.
Orthopedic best and worn by all the children in France and Europe as well.

Child will never have wet feet in those boots.
They absorb sweat from kids feet so no smelly feet ever
Great boots for child corrective for foot problems.
Type of a boot that every child wears in Europe to form their feet correctly.
Boots form kids feet, posture, spine and body gait.

Feet hold a posture so if low quality shoes are worn by a child then the problems will develop.


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