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Silver leather high tops for kids.
Orthopedic nest sneakers for children with weak ankles.
High arch boots for kids from Europe
Silver leather and charcoal inserts outside of the boot.
Decorated with cute stars.
Ankle boots for kids with doctor special inserts.
Best for weak ankles and foot pronation.
Type of a sneaker that every child should wear.
Shoes like those shape and form kids feet assuring proper foot development.
Orthopedic we call them since they have arches, heel support and proper heel support.
Shoes are ultra important for kids since they support and form their feet.
All orthopedic problems are caused by wearing cheap shoes as a child.
That is why no cheap shoes with zero support are even allowed for sale in Europe.
They have to be top quality and orthopedic to be approved by Ministry of Health.
Brand compete for customer in Europe but they all locally made, with actual ankle and foot support.

Orthopedic support for kids with weak ankles

Ankle support best toddler boots


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Maggie 2019-12-16 02:20:05

Soft and well made profiled soles but I was confused what size to order as sizing on Italian shoes runs different then on other shoes.