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Silver blue sneakers for girls from France

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Galles Blue

  • SKU: 88-775
  • Silver sneakers for girls from France
    Unique, designer and will pop on kids feet.
    Easy zip open and close. Silver laces for decoration.
    Children wear them with no socks entire summer since feet will never sweat in them ever.
    Those sneakers offer it all, designer look and proper foot support for a child.
    Ankles will not collapse in them as they have ankle support present.
    They will never bent when children are walking.
    Arches added to the soles of the shoes, like all the shoes in Europe.
    No flat shoes in Europe are ever produced.
    Shoes are top ortho quality as we never import cheap shoes from China.
    Why, since shoes provide needed support for kids feet.
    If you buy cheap shoes in general for your child
    They will develop feet problems.
    Ankles will collapse, flat feet will develop, pronation will be noticable.
    Avoid junks shoes with no arch, no heel support -
    We in Europe never would buy cheap shoes for a child with no support.
    Besides you cannot even buy them in dept store as every store carry quality shoes for kids only.
    Footwear for kids is regulated in European Union.
    Those sneakers are no exception,
    Silver metallic with blue hint lovely leather used.

    Proper ortho sneakers for children

    Quality sneakers for girls with arches


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