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Gray leather slip on loafers for boys

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Brands Garvalin

Product Code: Franek Gray

  • SKU: 33-77
  • Slip on loafers for boys
    Casual arch support gray loafers for boys

    Search no more - this is one classic fantastic shoe for a boy from Spain.
    Slip on style casual for Spring and Summer wear.
    Ultimate comfort in those lovely gray loafers.
    Good arch support, heel support, stable soles.
    Padded collar for comfort

    Good orthopedic arch added to the sole of the style.
    Heel support, high arch, ankle support for a toddler with weak ankles and flat feet.
    Good orthopedic support, best casual shoes for walking boys.
    Made in Spain by Garvalin with high arch support.
    High arch support best quality shoes for walking boys.
    Made out of gray green leather.
    Best slip on style that stays on boys feet and they securely stay on their feet
    The back is designed to secure their ankles when they are walking and they do not loose the shoes.
    Perfect to wear them with no socks on.
    Durable and fashionable for a boy.
    Arches slip on shoes

    Great soft soles.

    Adorable soft little shoe.

    Shoes shape and mold kids feet and you can prevent many foot problems with good shoes.
    Invest in your child's feet like Europeans do.
    Due to quality shoes from a child to teen
    Feet are shaped correctly and no pigeon toes, no pronation, no flat feet,
    Why...? it is all about the shoes you wear as a child.
    Kids feet are like jello you can shape them anyway
    If low quality shoes worn then child will end up with deformed feet.
    Therefore invest in 2 pairs of good shoes per season - that is all

    Garvalin casual slip on shoes for boy

    Casual walking shoes for boys from Spain


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