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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Motylek Fuchsia

Slippes from Europe for kids with high arch

Slippers for kids with high arch support.
Ortho shoes for a baby new walkers
Best quality orthopedic arch support house shoes for kids.
Fuchsia canvas material filled with white polka dots.
Side clip for easy adjust.
Best house shoes for a child that you can buy.
Worn by thousands of children in Europe for their comfort, design and best ortho support.
Ortho girls slippers since that is the only kind that children wear in Europe.
Those arch slippers have proper ankle support and good arch support that is needed for proper foot development.
Kids in Europe only wear such girls arch house slippers and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
They wear them in a house, daycare or school.
Foot needs to be supported with arch at all times since girls feet are forming and growing.
Those arch slippers are approved by European Orthopedic Society as no low quality shoes are ever produced in Europe.
The shoes are designed to correctly support kids arch foot not to destroy them like shoes from China do to kids feet.
No orthopedic arch, no ankle support, no heel support that equals deformed feet over time.
Pigeon toe, pronation or flat feet are a cause of wearing shoes with zero support.
5% of flat feet are genetic but rest of the deformities are from cheap shoes and cheap none supportive girls house shoes.

Best quality orthopedic arch support house shoes for kids

Close with a fully adjustable clip


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