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Sneakers for a baby with support

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Jenna White

  • SKU: 2014904
  • Sneakers for a baby or toddler with support
    Cute mix of colors of white, beige, pink and red.
    Perfect girls style best for daily wear.
    They versatile and they match any outfit your child wears
    White leather mix with good array of colors.
    Good arches present inside and none sweat soles.
    Anti sweat soles so could be worn barefoot.
    Proper summer sneakers for a child.
    Cute new walkers for a baby or toddler.
    Good sole with traction for a child.
    Those are appropriate, orthopedic sneakers for a child with actual good support.
    Orthopedic best since they are designed to support and form kids feet and posture.
    Flexible pink soles that match the whole sneaker.
    Made by Naturino in Serbia so they are made in Europe to perfection.

    Soft sneakers for kids

    Good arch sneakers for kids


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