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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Julek Blue

Multicolored sneakers for child with weak ankles

Sneakers for girls with weak ankles

Best orthopedic arch with flat feet and weak ankles.

Arches are present in the soles of the style

Modern sole technology used on all the ankle shoes produced for kids.

Sole is measured, molded to average kids foot, then lining added on top of it.
Good sneakers are ultra important for kids foot development since they need good ankle support.

So the arches are not in the lining of the shoe but sole itself.
But in the rubber sole of the model for a child with weak ankles.

This super ankle sneaker is no exception and made in France out of quality leather.

Soft well made and cute ankle shoes for a child.
Foot is totally supported with proper ankle support that every child needs.

Great to wear barefoot with no socks.

They will never sweat in those ankle shoes as they absorb sweat from the innersoles.

Europe produces quality ankle shoes only with actual support

Shoes sold in USA made in China literally deform kids feet - noting else.

Orthopedic high arch sneakers for kids

Quality sneakers for girls with narrow or wide feet


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