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Sneakers for child with narrow feet

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Brands Naturino

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  • SKU: 02-45852
  • Sneakers for kids with narrow feet
    Perfect shoe running daily shoes for kids with narrow heel.
    Arch support sport sneakers for boys or girls.
    Stylish leather sport shoes with flexible sole.
    Made out of blue and yellow nubuck leather.
    Perfect to wear entire season with no socks.
    Feel will never smell in those cool shoes.
    Arches present and proper ankle support to prevent pronation.
    Sneakers that every child should wear as they form their feet.
    Local popular sneakers do not support kids feet and causing ankles to turn and collapse.
    No heel support, no orthopedic arch, no none sweat soles that will destroy kids feet.
    Therefore avoid local bands sold in common department stores in USA - they are low quality shoes and they will deform and destroy your kids feet over time.
    Children need quality shoes to be worn at all times since their feet are forming and they need good support.

    Perfect sporty shoes for child with narrow heel.

    High arch orthopedic sporty shoes for boys


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