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Sneakers for toddlers in blue leather

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Rail Navy

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    Children's shoes flat feet
    Sneakers for boys in blue and yellow leather
    Made in Serbia by Naturino.
    Close with a side double velcro.
    Easy on and of style.
    Proper ortho sneakers for boys with arches and foot support.
    Orthopedic heel support is present with reinforced heel so feet will not collapse.
    Child will never sweat in those shoes either.
    Wide sneakers for boys made according to orthopedic standards set in Europe.
    If no orthopedic support in a shoe child feet will pronate and collapse.
    That is why European children wear only quality shoes and no cheap shoes from China are allowed.
    Every child starts with good shoes in Europe and wears them to teenage years.
    As a result no orthopedic problems.
    We do not wear orthodics, SMO, AFO it is a medical business designed to pull money out of American parent.
    Parents in Europe invest in supportive shoes for kids to prevent feature or potential deformities.
    If child have some birth driven orthopedic issues those sandals will align kids feet over time.
    Important thing is not to rotate between cheap shoes and quality ones.
    Since cheap shoe destroys and deforms child's foot and orthopedic will align it.

    Sneakers for toddlers in blue leather

    Children's shoes flat feet


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