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Snow boots for child with high instep and wide feet

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  • Snow boots for child with high instep and wide feet
    Yes, best for wide feet in boys.
    Those are superb snow arch boots - that will never soak any water.
    Child can wear them entire winter into the deepest snow and feet will be protected at all times.
    The length of them is way above the ankle like in the mid of leg calf.
    Just right for snow and winter.
    They can beat them to death and they still will look good.
    Durable beyond any snow boot we ever sold.
    Protected with gortex and thick wool inside.
    Child can wear them entire winter for warmth since they will not be too hot in them.
    Wool is a natural material so your wide feet do not sweat in them at all.
    They are weightless, literally so like you have nothing on your wide feet.
    Snow arch boots cannot be heavy for a child since if they are they destroy body gait by child drag wide feet in a snow.
    Child can wear them entire winter as a daily shoe and they will be perfect.
    Great navy leather - elegant arch boots, cannot even tell they are snow arch boots.
    Warm arch boots but wide feet will never sweat in those arch boots.
    Wool lined and since it is natural material kids will never sweat in those boots.
    Lining is made out of natural material so wide feet will never be too hot in those.
    High arch built inside of the boot.
    Arch is under wool lining and it is added to the sole of the model.
    All the boots are made like that in Europe since 1990.
    No flat boots is ever produced in Europe as we have regulations for orthopedic support and quality.
    Proper heel support so they will not create collapsed ankles but instead support them.
    Try them - we sell them in Chicago winter in worst storms and crazy snow and they pass with flying colors.
    Great snow boot for a child or even a teen since they very toned down for a child.
    Color is great, leather and lining.
    Orthopedic best snow boots - yes, even snow arch boots made in Europe are orthopedic and supportive.
    We view kids boots as developmental need, health product so they have to be supportive and best quality.

    Blue leather snow boots best for deep snow

    High arch snow boots for kids with support


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