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Soft beige leather toddler arch shoes
Adorable soft walkers for a baby boy or girl.
Perfect dressy, sporty style for a young walker.
Best new orthopedic soft start up walkers from Europe.

Sole that was designed in Valencian Institute at University of Bolonia.
That sole is made as biomechanical best since it absorbs shock when child is walking.
We never had any baby in the store walking badly in those shoes.
Best soft walkers for small baby

Feet will not sweat in those leather shoes due to special innersoles.

Best new orthopedic soft start up walkers

Beige soft leather shoes for baby


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Lola, Stanford CT 2016-03-21 23:17:00

I absolutely love those shoes! They are truly the best, soft and my little guy walks in them so well. Arch support and flexibility of that shoe is just amazing. It was my first order and it will not be the last. I got a pair of slippers as well and they are great as well. Those shoes are made in Spain and they are fabulous! I new fan of this store. I will be regural customer. They recommended best shoes for my child and measured the soles for me. It was so easy, painless process....and far better quality shoes that I could ever buy in local Nordstroom. They do not have European shoes there anymore, all made in China.