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Soft house shoes for boys from France
Wool and jeans mix with proper orthopedic innersoles and ankle support
Slippers for boys on sale with good arch with soft profiled soles.
Made out of wool and jeans outside.
Supportive for the house, soft for daycare or winter wear
Feet will not sweat in those boys soft slippers ever since they have special innersoles inside.
Orthopedic no sweat arches inside with soft profiled soles. 
Stimulates little feet in kids and offer proper orthopedic support that all kids need.
Perfect boys soft house shoes with soft yet supportive soles.
Every child starts in those learning to walk in Europe since they soft with profiled soles
Continue to wear the in daycare or house since they are soft and kids like to wear them
Please Note: soles on them run small so order size up.

Canvas shoes on sale for baby girls orthopedic

Slippers for kids on sale with good arch


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Debra - Palo Alto, CA 2018-11-04 18:07:39

Those have been great for us to wear. Supportive, orthopedic with arch inside. My baby learned how to walk in them and then she wore them entire winter. We also had wonderful ankle boots from that store as well. I love the support in those little walkers and the best part is that zipper on the side of the shoe. My son did not took them off even once. It holds the foot nicely as they supposed to support the ankles of small children. Europeans make such great shoes, you can't simply compare them to cheap Chinese slippers sold in USA that most kids wear. Sorry, no cheap shoes or slippers for my child!

Jill 2018-05-18 13:26:59

Cute and well made house shoes - we got them as second pair and my baby wears them everyday. Great support, fit and quality as expected from European made product. Thanks,