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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Vera Black Crock

Soft soled girls leather black patent boots

Boots for regural to wide feet in kids with good arches.
Black crock patent leather stylish style.
Zip close on the side.
Arches, support all in one.
No sweat feet in those little walkers.
Type of the boot that every baby should wear as they support little feet.
The type of shoes that baby wears affect their feet, posture and ankles.
Therefore avoid shoes made in China - they are simply the worst shoes that you can buy.
Shoes made in China have no orthopedic support no ankle support and no orthopedic arches.
Over time they will deform your kids feet and posture and child will become pronated and pigeon toed.
Kids feet are affected by shoes they wear.
Children need best shoes as their feet are affected by shoes they wear.
Only orthopedic best shoes are recommended for kids by every pediatrician and foot doctor.

Crock leather European boots made in Serbia

Flat feet best dress up boots for a toddler


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