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Brand: Nowa-li

Product Code: Flo Beige

Soft soled slippers for a baby

Soft soled slippers for a baby
Beige moccasins for a baby girl decorative with flowers.
Cute well made for winter for a toddler - could be worn as a slipper
They offer leather anti-slip soles so when children run they will not slip in them.
Neutral color, great Oko-Tex special yarn and made in Europe.
No orthopedic arches since it is like a sock with a sole.
Stylish girls moccasins featuring colorful beige prints.
Made in Sweden out of best quality breathable yarn.
Stays on and has leather none slip sole
Something different to orthopedic slipper for a toddler that most children wear in Europe.
Try them they really good, durable and kids like them a lot.

Beige moccasins for a baby girl

Warm mocassins for girls with leather soles


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