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Spanish sandals for boys with great arches
Easily adjustable for boys feet.
Gray and blue best Spanish leather.
Biomecanics Spanish brand best with high arches inside
Anatomic soles for kids best for running and walking.
Modern manufacture technology from Europe that is Spanish.
Biomechanical soles with good orthopedic arches present.
Child will never sweat in those sandals due to special innersoles.
Boys sandals are never flat in Europe, they always produced to be orthopedic best.
Europe produces only orthopedic sandals so avoid sandals from China,
Cheap sandals will deform your kids feet over time and develop orthopedic problems.
All the feet problems are caused by low quality shoes worn as child.
Those are orginal Spanish made boys sandals, imported with great orthopedic support that is needed for children of all ages.

Excellent support orthopedic arch sandals for kids

Spanish gray sandals for kids


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Areta, Atlanta GA 2019-12-25 19:07:34

Very good sandal and they adjust very well on kids feet. My son wore them none stop - and feet never smelled in them.