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Special boys shoes for flat feet.
Orthopedic best with good arches and none sweat soles.
Proper supportive footwear that every boy should wear.
European made shoes are the only ones orthopedic ones.
All European countries are required by law to make quality supportive shoes for children.
Footwear for kids is regulated by European Ministry of Health.
No cheap imported footwear form China are allowed in Europe for sale in any store.
Reason for that is footwear for kids are designed to form and shape kids flat feet.
Good sneakers support child's flat feet well and protect feet from orthopedic problems.
Child will end up with well formed flat feet and straight posture with usage of those shoes.
Boy need to wear only orthopedic footwear as their flat feet are forming and growing.
All sneakers sold in USA are made in China and they are not supportive.
In fact they destroy kids flat feet and deform them.
If you child is pigeon toed, ankle pronated or has flat feet then it is a result of local shoes imported from China.
USA pediatricians miss-inform parents that shoes for a child does not matter.
Totally not true!
Shoes are one of the most important things that child does need.
Feet are formed due to footwear child wears.
That affect the flat feet, posture, body, gait, knees, back so how are they not important.
Why do you think we Europeans pay great money for them in Europe since we do not have cheap shoes there.
It is a health benefit for a child - absolute need.
Don't think of sneakers as sneakers for a child.
Think of foot support, good arch, ankle support and proper foot development.
Those footwear are not exception.
They are gray in color with proper ortho support.
Made in Europe not China - huge difference in quality and support.
Like a night and day

Special boys shoes for flat feet.

European shoes for boys


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Angie C - Burr Ridge, IL 2013-12-13 21:51:35

Just bought them in Hinsdale store and by far my son's favorite. He wears them at school all day long and wants to wear them outside as well. We have a cold snowy weather in Chicago now so this shoes are too nice for ugly weather. Those shoes are well constructed, fantastic leather and fit for a boy is superb. Has sandals from Renbut this past Summer and they wore beautifully - my son's favorite brand by far.