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Special ortho shoes for kids

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Manufacturer Naturino

Product Code: Samantha Gold

  • SKU: 0012014977 61 0Q06
  • Walking shoes for toddlers with best orthopedic support present.
    Regural to wide width best ortho boots for a girl
    Orthopedic high tops for kids with arches.
    Flat foot best support gold toddlers sneakers.
    Leather boots and quality made in Europe.
    Orthopedic arch support build into the sole since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe.
    Feet will never sweat in those boots.
    Close with size zipper and laces optional.
    Anti sweat soles present.
    Super soft and light in weight.
    Proper boots for a toddler with actual ortho support.
    Ankles are supported at all times and preventive against pronation.
    Heel stay in a packet at all times so pronation and ankles turning inwards does not develop.
    Made in Europe out of quality leather and best support.

    Orthopedic European sneakers for toddlers

    Excellent orthopedic arch


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