Special slip on model for kids with good support

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Mazda Blue

Special house shoes for kids with good support.
Slippers for a toddler with good support
Made out blue plead canvas material and feature a car.
Side adjustable velcro that will stabilize child's foot.  
Recommended by every pediatrician in Europe.
Ankle pronation corrective pronation preventive house shoes.
Heel is sturdy and supportive for a child with weak, collapsed ankles.
Good arch preventive house shoes for girls with weak ankles
Blue plead breathable canvas material with reinforced heel that supports the ankles well.
Orthopedic bubbles promoting blood circulation into little feet.
Orthopedic arches added to rubber sole as it never goes flat.
Leather innersoles are just for comfort of wear.
Best preventive pronation house slipper that you can buy for a child
Every foot doctor suggests them to parents in Europe and every child wears them.
Kids wear them and end up with well formed feet and good posture.
Kids wear them in pronation preventive house, daycare and school.
Next best thing to leather shoes but slipper with actual ortho support.
Pronation develops when child wears shoes with zero ankle and foot support.
The ankles are weak and they need good heel support otherwise they collapse and pronate

Slippers for a toddler with good support

House shoes for kids with arches


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