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Special leather boots for kids with best ankle support

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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Asti Brown

Best new walkers for a small toddler with weak ankles.

Biomechanical sole with best heel and ankle support

Special leather boots for kids best for support
Ankle high with good reinforced ankle support effective against pronation.
Stable, flexible sole with orthopedic arches added into the soles of the boots.
Antibacterial soles are present and they absorb sweat from kids feet.
Flexible biomecanical sole added for comfort and best fit.
Brown smooth leather color leather high tops with high arch support for kids.
Narrow to regural fit best orthopedic boots for boys or girls.
Quality leather boots for a child from Serbia
Best boots for a child with weak ankles with good reinforced ankle support.
Easy in and out with velcros
Child can run in them and be comfortable at all times.
Made in Serbia according to orthopedic standards set in Europe.
If your child is pronated or pigeon toed that is a cause of cheap shoes from China with zero support.
Shoes greatly effect kids feet, posture, body gait therefore in Europe they are viewed as medical, developmental product.
Every child wears only quality shoes since that is the only ones that you can buy.
There is no cheap shoes from China that are horribly made with zero support.
They are not allowed for sale since Ministry of Health views them as harmful products for child.


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