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Special narrow shoes for flat feet in girls

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Brands Garvalin

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  • SKU: 55-789563
  • Special shoes for flat feet in girls
    Narrow sole shoes for girls with high arch
    Flat foot support orthopedic walking shoes for kids.
    Best for pigeon toes and ankle turning inwards.
    Made out of pink smooth pink leather.
    Filled with tiny polka dots and cute flower.
    Made in Spain out of quality leather with best ankle support.
    Great summer shoes with good heel support '
    Excellent arch support
    None sweat soles for kids

    Flat foot support orthopedic walking shoes

    Best for pigeon toes and ankle turning inwards


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    Nina D. Willowbrook, IL 2013-03-20 22:58:40

    Kinga - that store is an institution here - best shoes you can buy in USA. Original brands from Europe - no chinese copies here. This wonderful shoe is no exception. Soft, great arch support, quality and excellent fit on my kids feet. My kid does not have any feet deformities since every pair I ever bough was European made and quality. Shoes for kids are so important....we Europeans are told that by parents, grandparents and even pediatric doctors. In contrast USA is clueless about quality and importance of shoes for a kid and even an adult. Every major store sells cheap chinese exports with horrible leather, quality and fit. I just hope we will wake up soon and start producing quality in this country. I am just tired of crap and spending my money on it. Sorry - it supposed to be review of the shoe but I went overboard.......your faithful local customer Kinga - Nina D. - Willowbrook, IL

    Aneta M. - Passaic,NJ 2013-02-23 01:29:43

    Those do run small so I ordered size up and they are perfect with some room to grow. Wonderful, quality shoes - great support, leather and beautiful design. This is what small, growing feet need - quality shoes. Thank you for offering such shoes. I love your store and I have been buying shoes from you since my daughter was a baby. Her feet are nicely developed and she walks straight, no feet problems. My God when I see feet of some kids in a school that my daughter attends - I literally want to scream - I honestly cannot believe that some parents could be so uneducated about quality shoes and cheap at the same time. Well, I guess that is European thing - always quality.

    Lindsey from Northbrook 2012-03-20 00:44:50

    I just bought those shoes in the Wilmette store and my daughter wears them everyday without any problems. They have very soft soles so she wears them without any socks. Love Garvalin shoes - because they fit so well. I am just sad that this store moved all the way to Wilmette. They used to were in The Glen/Glenview and it was so close for me to visit them. I bought so many shoes from them over the years...Please open another store in Northbrook!!!!