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Special shoes to prevent tiptoe walking kids

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Rafael Beige

  • Special shoes to prevent tiptoe walking kids
  • European made orthopedic shoes for boys or girls.
  • Those shoes are sturdy and stiff for a reason
  • Perfect tip toe walkers with truly stiff soles
  • Over time of wear leather will become softer but not the pack of the shoe
  • They will support child ankles at all times
  • Best ortho high tops walkers for a baby.
  • Great leather on them in beige and lime color
  • High arches, none sweat soles and proper support
  • Those shoes will form your baby's foot and assists in proper foot and posture alignment. 
  • Child can wear them barefoot as well since leather adjusts over time.
  • Shoes as those are ultra important for a child since they support kids feet.
  • In Europe only shoes as those are produced as they truly the best for kids feet.

European made orthopedic shoes for boys or girls.

High arch best kids shoes from Europe.


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Debra N from Passaic, NJ 2012-08-24 01:17:08

Super quality and exceptional fit. My son has prolonged feet and I was looking for sturdy European shoe for him. Thanks for recommending this wonderful shoe. It worked out GREAT! You were right, baby needs high supportive, quality shoe to stabilize the ankles and back of the foot. I also got orthopedic slippers with leather arch inside and they are amazing as well. Thanks for answering all of my questions and measuring soles for me. I definitely will shop again for winter shoes. You just gained another loyal customer!