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Special support shoes for boys
High instep best walking sandals for boys

Best for regural to wide feet.

Gray, navy and white natural leather.
Truly unique and supportive best shoes for child.
European made shoes form kids feet correctly
They support foot development, ankle alignment, body gait, knees and spine.
Well formed feet is the base of good posture.

Therefore, we Europeans never place junk none-orthopedic shoes on our children.
Why, because it is a health hazard.
Why would we deform our kids feet?
We grew up on those shoes in Europe even during communistic times
It was when government run all manufacturing companies back in 1980
Even then communists made us orthopedic shoes.
Do you think they cared for us as children - not really.
Issue was we had public health care system and if every child had savaged feet
How much would they have to spent to improve those little feet?
Thus they made us ugly communistic shoes but they were orthopedic.
Every child in communistic Europe wore such ugly shoes but our feet are perfect and well formed.

Now, you have a chance buy orthopedic shoes but beautiful made by private companies who care about appearance and quality.

Double wide high instep shoes for children

High instep best walking sandals for boys with wide feet


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Mimi, 2019-04-04 12:58:55

Superb sandals - like cross between a sandal and shoe. My son loves them. We live in Louisiana and it is hot here already. I noticed that those shoes do not smell at all, feet are dry and supported. I was a bit hesitant by the price of them but it is well wort it. You cannot buy such shoes locally. I just got another sneakers from him from that site and they are great as well. Feet never sweat in those...we tested them well here.