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Pink sporty sandals for a child with easy buckle closure

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Kena Light Pink

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  • Pink sporty sandals for a child with easy closure
    Orthopedic soles added that are copies of Birkenstocks from Germany.
    Great arch support present and it is added to the sole of the model.
    Anti sweat soles present inside so no smelly feet ever in those ortho sandals.
    Leather on them is soft and well made with light pink color.
    Easy on and off with velcro and one buckle.
    Perfect summer sandal for a girl manufactured in Serbia.
    Flexible soles present best for running, walking and jumping.
    Total ortho sandals for a child since they are perfectly manufactured in Europe.
    Padded back at the heel so there is no seems inside nothing that would cause a blister or discomfort.
    Total supportive style for a child as they should be from quality sandal.
    Invest in good quality ortho sandals or shoes for your child as they form their feet
    Even older children since their feet grow up to 15 years of age.
    Durable comfortable for entire season.
    Invest money in good ortho shoes for your child - it is worth it as you will avoid all orthopedic problems with good ortho shoes.
    Kids feet are like jello you can form them any way you like.
    Shoes are forming and molding kids feet when they are growing as their body changes.
    We Europeans do that with quality local shoes manufactured locally in Europe since they are always supportive and orthopedic.
    Footwear for kids in Europe is viewed as health product and absolute need so they have to be absolute best quality.
    Europeans do not display any orthopedic problems since they always wear good supportive ortho shoes from the day they start walking till age 15.
    This is the time when kids feet stop growing and by then they are already formed.
    It is not possible to align, restore and re-form adult feet - no surgery exists to fix orthopedic problems.
    Just to relive the pain orthodics are worn or possible pain relive surgery only but there is no way to fix adult feet.
    That is why it is important to wear only quality ortho shoes when a child since feet are formed when they are growing.
    Local ortho shoes sold in USA are made in China out of lowest quality materials and they destroy kids feet in a process.

    Felxible soled sandals for children

    Good arch none sweat soles for kids


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