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Stable walking pink house shoes for baby

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Bunia Pink

  • SKU: 90-90
  • Stable walking house shoes for a baby.
    Ankle pronation best girls house shoes

    Heel support canvas walking shoes for a child'
    Best to wear in a house or daycare.

    Orthopedic canvas shoes for a baby - yes, they truly the best shoes for child.
    Made out of pink canvas material featuring a kite
    Soft stable soles with arches present inside those slippers.
    Try them you will be shocked how good they are and how well child walks in them.

    Ankle pronation best girls house shoes

    Canvas shoes for a child


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    Tamara - Mt. Prospect, IL 2013-09-25 21:31:45

    European walkers, super nice and well made. I like the arch support and how they fit my baby. She runs in them all over the house and did not tripped once. Perfect slippers made in Europe. great product....

    Debra from Wyoming 2012-07-28 13:47:13

    I love these! My baby really learned how to walk in those strange little shoes. They are great, flexible with arch support inside. Just what little feet need! Thanks,