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Start up walker shoes for toddlers girls in rose leather

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Brands Falcotto

Product Code: Fiona Beige

  • SKU: 7845124
  • Start up walker shoes for toddlers ankle support
    Proper ortho shoe for your baby
    Foot support and ankle support best as they can be.
    Reinforced heel
    , orthopedic support best with high arches inside.
    Baby will never sweat in those shoes or develop any blisters.
    Ankles will be stabilized at all times.
    Beige gold
    with delicate print on it - lovely will match any outfit child might wear.
    Shoes could be worn as a sneaker as well.
    Best caliber of a new walker for a child with actual support.
    Children need best shoes at all times as their feet develop due to quality shoes they wear.
    That is why none of the European parents ever buy shoes with no support.
    They even not sold in any department stores in any European country.
    If child wears none supportive shoes their feet will deform and orthopedic problems will arise.

    Flat foot support shoes kids

    Rose gold lovely shoes for toddler


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