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Summer camp sandals in red leather with closed toe

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Aleria Red

  • SKU: 0011500724 01 0H05
  • Summer camp sandals in red leather
    They are perfect closed toe model with reinforced ankle support.
    Cute plain red style that closes with side velecro.
    Ankle supportive with reinforced heel so they do not bent at the back
    Stiffer, reinforced heel for proper ankle support.

    Orthopedic at its best for a child.
    Cool sandal for wide to extra wide feet.
    Feet will not smell in those ever since they have anti sweat soles present.
    No blisters, no smelly feet no discomfort.
    Those sandals are manufactured to perfection.
    Ankle support testes well even in hottest weather.

    Decorated with a anchor on the upper velcro.
    Absolute best support toddler sandals that children do need for proper foot development.
    If child wears low quality shoes then they will show orthopedic problems.
    Ankles will collapse, pronation develops along with pigeon toes

    Closed toe red leather sandals for child

    Flexible soles best kids sandals with arches


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