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Toddler summer blue sandals on sale

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Pieprzyk Beige

  • SKU: 99-2356
  • Summer sandals for toddler
    Sandals for pigeon toed child with weak ankles
    High support leather sandals for a toddler
    Pigeon toe preventive with proper heel support for boys.
    Closed toe style with profiled soles
    Best for a toddler with ortho arches present.
    Corrective high tops for a child with any feet problems
    We in Europe place only such sandals on kids feet as they form their posture, body and gait alignment.

    European arch support sandals for kids on sale

    Boys or girls sandals with proper support and good quality leather.
    Made in Europe - not China.
    Huge difference like night and day.
    Europe makes only quality orthopedic sandals
    Kids feet form due to shoes they wear.
    Local shoes sold in USA are not orthopedic, not supportive
    They causing all the foot problems kids display
    Quality is ultra low and zero support.
    Europeans manufacture orthopedic proper shoes for kids because we view them as developmental need for a child.
    Those are good sandals in khaki color leather.
    Great arches, heel support best
    Soft walking soles for child.
    Heel supportive corrective for weak ankles and pronation.
    Closed back for heel support.
    Arches present none sweat soles for a child.

    Sandals for pigeon toed child with weak ankles

    Closed toe blue leather sandals for boys


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    L.C from Chicago 2014-06-11 16:24:23

    Totally agree with previous review! Crocks, gyms shoes, flip-flops, Nike, Pumas, Pedi-Peds, Stride Rite and others are all garbage since none of the shoes have any support and many of them are not even leather. However, no one sees to care or knows that in USA and we have whole generations of kids and teens walking with deformed feet. We love cheap stuff in USA so lets be a generation of chickens, why not! I for one am Serbian and we only buy supportive shoes for little kids so as teens and adults the feet and posture is nicely supported. Shoes are equally expensive in Europe, believe me because I am visiting my family every few years. Shoes in Serbia average around $100 a pair for a kid and adult around $250-300 - that is average and guess what we are poor country then USA but somehow people spent less money on restaurants and crap vs quality, needed products.

    Sylwia K. - Boca Raton 2014-03-08 17:28:18

    Beautiful, supportive and well made little sandals. Perfect for my baby's wide foot. Love the arch support inside and flexibility of the sole. Nothing better then quality shoe for a little one. Europeans manufacture the best quality shoes for kids, adults in general so the feet are developed correctly from young age. Therefore, we in Europe spent money on shoes in general and as a result no one "walks like a chicken". That is something that people in USA do not understand - you pay money for quality and you benefit in a long run.