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Teen fashion best sandals on sale from France
Cute orange leather with print
Leather fashion sandals for teen girls or women
Made in France.
Made out of orange smooth leather with yellow/camel/cheetah stripes for decorations.
Close with buckle.
Arches build into the sole of the style.
Perfect to everyday wear and fancy outfits

European made women sandals for any outfit.

Made in France quality sandals for teens


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Miriam Willowbrook, IL 2017-02-28 14:31:55

Lovely sandal for a teen, they are beautiful and stylish - my girl was trilled - so they are teen approved. I am thinking of getting one for myself in pink since they are so lovely on feet. You can wear them with any color.....they do run smaller as seller suggested so bough size bigger then usual. They are made in France with stickers and all - wonderful product.

Tina 2014-04-30 02:30:24

This sandal is beautiful! My 10 years old was trilled and she wanted to wear them right out of the box. They look beautiful on the foot as well. Array of colors on them match almost anything and they are fun for summer. Made in France to top that! They do run small so I ordered size 38 which is size up for my teen girl. Great choice for us here. I am so glad that you started to carry big sizes since my daughter was pass the kids sizes while back and I had a hard time buying shoes for her that were appropriate for her age.