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Girls high top shoes with good arch

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Brands Falcotto

Product Code: Rumcajs White

  • SKU: 0012015350 15 1N03
  • High top shoes for babies
    Best for any season with proper orthopedic support for a child.
    Best arches, none sweat soles present so they could be worn without any socks.
    Posture supportive shoes for girls
    Foot forming best sneakers that you can buy for a child.
    Wide to regural feet best
    Imported from Europe and manufactured according to orthopedic standards set in Europe.
    Leather inside and out with white and silver.
    Great sneakers for any season.
    Sneakers with no support will deform your kids feet over time.
    Child needs orthopedic sneakers only so their feet will supported and formed at all times.
    All foot orthopedic problems are caused by low quality shoes - nothing else.
    Growing, forming and shaping kids feet is done with shoes - so good quality shoes on kids feet is just a must.

    Good arch white sneakers for girls

    Orthopedic sneakers for kids


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