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Pink color polka dot tights for girls

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Brands MP Denmark

Product Code: 34015

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  • Colorful polka dot tights for kids in pink color
    Fantastic tights for a girl with colorful design.
    Hand made in Denmark by MP Denmark out of best quality cotton.
    They are pre-shrunk and pre-washed.
    Top quality fibers used and they do not shrink

    The items never tears due to special durable fibers that are used for those tights.
    Those tight never tear, so no holes ever.
    You can wash them million times and color never comes off out of them.
    They also never shrink even if you place them in a dryer.
    Although we recommend you hand wash them and then hang.
    European made so that means top quality for a child.
    This company is a direct competitor of Oillily that used to was known from such colorful designs
    MP Denmark makes hats, socks, tights for children and also women.
    The company been manufacturing them for over 60 years and they known in Europe from quality products.
    Try them for a child and you will be shocked how durable they are
    We been ordering them from Denmark for 15 years now and we never changed that brand for any other.
    We never had single complaint on quality of those tights.

    Colorful polka dot tights

    Pink tights for a toddler with soft cotton


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