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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Raan Navy

Toddler casual shoes with good arch support

Toddler causal ankle supportive shoes with good arch
Proper ankle supportive with sturdy reinforced heel.
They do not bend in the back and keep the heel in a packet.
Shoes for child have to be sturdy and supportive and none of the shoes made in China have any support.
They are soft in the back and soles are too wide almost always
If the fit is so horrible child will tip toe even more.
They were not designed to support the feet at all.
Navy and lime leather.
They have all the features of good orthopedic shoe
Best shoes for a child as they should be since they form and shape kids feet.
Perfect dressy or casual shoe for a child.

Orthopedic leather shoes for any boys

Casual shoes for boys with arches


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