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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Roter Blue

Boys narrow width ankle boots for walking

Toddler wide width shoes for walking
Best boys ankle boots that are perfect for Fall or Winter.
Leather inside and out with reinforced ankle support.

Blue leather and easy velcro closure.
Feet will never smell in those super shoes as they offer antibacterial innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
Orthopedic arches are added to the sole of the model since all the shoes are made like that in Europe now.
Rubber sole is contoured to reflect arch support and at the same time supports the arch part in a foot.
It is the latest technology from Europe that is used in all the shoes now.
There is 4 companies in Europe that produce orthopedic soles for all the shoes and all the brands.
Kids feet are formed by shoes they have so invest in quality shoes.
Don't buy cheap shoes that are not supportive for your baby - they will destroy and deform your kids feet.
USA imports all the shoes from low cost countries and they are not orthopedic nor supportive.
Any brand you name it - it is not supportive and does not have orthopedic arches, no orthopedic heel not none sweat soles.
Only shoes made in Europe as those are orthopedic.
Orthopedic means they form and support kids feet assuring proper foot development.
In Europe kids wear only best shoes as those and end up with perfect feet and posture.
We never ever put Chinese made shoes on our children - we do that to avoid any orthopedic problems.
Cheap shoes will destroy your kids feet, quality shoes as those will form them correctly and child will end up with well formed feet and posture.
Those shoes are made in Spain so you can rest assure they are orthopedic since in Europe no cheap shoes are even allowed for sale.
We do not have imports from China with all the junk they create - shoes included.
European shoes made only - they are truly orthopedic ones.

Best child shoes to learn how to walk

Serbian best baby shoes with support


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