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Toddler blue walking sneakers with ankle support orthopedic

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Porter Blue

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    Toddler walking sneakers with ankle support orthopedic
    Perfect daily sneakers for a child with actual orthopedic support.
    Ankle is well supported in them that stabilizes their feet when walking and running.
    Child will not pronate in them and if he does pronate the improvement will be made
    All USA sold sneakers - any brand you mention Nike, Tukikoshi, New Balance are total junk.
    They are not orthopedic and destroying and deforming your kids feet and posture.
    If child is pronated, pigeon toed - that is a cause of wearing cheap shoes with zero ankle and heel support.
    Those are made in Serbia according to European Orthopedic Standards set in Europe.
    Perfect mash material mix with leather and very durable, we sell hundreds of them every season in many colors.
    Those shoes are not made in China but in Europe.
    High top gray sneakers or boots for a boy
    Flexible sole and best orthopedic support.
    Above the ankles then standard sneaker
    Blue/orange leather that is also waterproof.
    Ankle support, arches added to the soles of the sneakers
    Heel is supported and preventive for pronation.
    Soft sole, breathable innersoles and perfect to wear in a Spring or Summer even with no socks.

    Flexible sole and best orthopedic support

    Excellent orthopedic arch support


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