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Treatment shoes children overpronation
Overpronation is when children feet lack support and over time feet turn outward.
Ankles appear to be outward when child is walking
This condition is caused by wearing boots with NO ankle support
Meaning the shoes are weak at the heel (not for overpronation treatment) and they do not provide any ankle support that every baby does need.
Therefore, invest in any high orthopedic overpronation treatment boots from Europe as they are the only supportive ones.
Shoes manufactured in China are not supportive nor orthopedic and no treatment.
They destroy toddler feet and posture over time and they are no treatment.
The treatment boots have to be ankle high with reinforced heel so it does not band when they are walking.
Good arch support have to be present as well in those overpronation treatment boots.
Anti sweat soles inside as kids feet sweat more then adults.
Those overpronation treatment are European made f
uchsia boot made out of lamb leather.
Orthopedic treatment with best heel support, good arch and ankle support for walking.
Combination of f
uchsia leather and decorated with flowers treatment boots.
Super walkers with actual treatment support, type of high top that every baby boots wear.
Those treatment shoes not only correct any feet problems but also prevent any potential foot problems.
Only type of treatment baby boots we put on our children in Europe.
Thus no orthodics, doctors or physical treatment therapy.
Kids in Europe grow on those treatment shoes and their feet are always turn perfect.

Baby first walking shoes high tops

Stylish fuchsia boot made out of lamb leather


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Tatiana, New York 2015-09-29 15:12:37

Softest shoe I have bought with best support. They are truly great shoes and made in Europe for sure. Some European brand - never heard of them but now my daughter favorite shoes. It was my first order and despite the price they worth every penny. Shoes in Europe are expensive like hell and I know that since I visited last year Italy. Adult shoes 300 Euro and up kids shoes 90-100 Euro and up. So they are not overpriced with value of the product there.