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Weak ankles and foot pronation kids shoes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kassi Navy

  • SKU: 12-4785258
  • Weak ankles and foot pronation kids shoes.
    Notice the heel that overlapses the sole, that keeps ankle in a packet and prevent pronation.
    Those house shoes are just an addition to a good ankle supportive leather shoe that child does need.
    Slippers are just to wear in a house or daycare but leather ankle supportive shoe or sandal is a key here.
    Rubber sole adds support and lift to the ankle and that is what every child needs.
    Nice house slippers for girls with good arch
    Leather lining goes on the interior of the slipper and they feature none sweat soles inside.
    No smelly feet in those house shoes ever.
    Arch support is added to the sole of the model since no flat shoes are ever produced in Europe
    Made out of navy canvas material
    Best support house shoes for kids with proper foot support.
    Orthopedic best for girls to wear in daycare or house.
    It is like walking barefoot but child's foot will be supported at all times.
    Every ortho doctor suggest them to parents as they tested for orho support and ankle alignment
    Every footwear company that produces shoes for children is regulated by Ministry of Health and they are required to manufacture orthopedic shoes and slippers only.
    Local materials are used from Europe - NOT CHINA.
    Europe does not buy shoes for children in China neither manufactures them there.
    Our children wear supportive, orthopedic shoes and slippers and end up with well formed feet and good posture.
    Europe have been making them for over 30 years now and millions of kids grew up on them.
    White sole will not turn yellow during wear, it will stay white as purchased.

    House slippers for girls with good arch

    Soft slippers for girls with high arches


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