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Weak ankles best boots kids
High top boots for a boy with flexible sole and best orthopedic support.
Above the ankles then standard sneaker or ankle boots.
They feature proper orthopedic features for a child best Naturino boots.
Ankle support good ankle boots arches present will restore weak ankles and foot pronation.
Blue/yellow leather that is also waterproof.
Great to wear entire winter since it will never soak any water.
Soft soles for walking and support boys boots.
They feature special lining inside that protects them from rain.
They will never soak in any rain - they are truly waterproof.
Invest in good ankles boots for your child as they assist in proper foot formation.
99% of orthopedic problems in kids are caused by cheap ankles boots with no support.
They will deform your child's feet and posture causing all the effect you might see in your child.
Pigeon toes, pronation, collapsed ankles, flat feet are a cause of low quality ankles boots.
We European never buy cheap ankles boots for our children, we only buy orthopedic  ankles boots for kids.
Orthopedic means they have proper ankle, arches and heel support.
Those ankle boots are combination of leather and suede that is ok to wear in a rainy weather
Suede produced in Europe does not bleed at all.
Boots are waterproof as well so ok to wear them in a Fall in rain and wet weather.
They are great high tops and we order them ever year in many colors for children

Above the ankles then standard sneaker

Excellent orthopedic arch support


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