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  • Weak ankles best house shoes for toddler
  • Perfect house shoes for a child with perfect foot support.
  • Notice the back of the slipper has heel up and elevated with sturdy back support.
  • Good arches present in the soles with anti smell soles
  • Those little walkers are perfect for a child to learn how to stand and walk.
  • Every pediatrician in Europe recommends the for children and every baby in Europe wears some version of that slipper.
  • They are ultra light in weight with proper support next best thing to leather high top.
  • Kids wear them at home or daycare at all times since little feet need support at all times.
  • Gray canvas material featuring a race car.
  • Try them your boy will love them we sell hundreds of them every season.

Ankle support best house slippers

Pediatrician recommened house shoes for kids


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Patrycja- happy mom 2014-02-12 22:48:19

Very light and flexible. I like the support and quality of them. Nothing better then Euro made shoe for a child since they form their feet in a correct way. I remember we wore them as children in Europe back in the 80's but they were mostly with laces.

Tina J - Memphis 2014-01-31 00:48:38

I love those little walkers on my son. He wears them everyday in the house and he did not slip even once. He runs in them all day long. I like the design of them and fit. Inside leather arch support and high back support as need for little feet. I remember we wore such shoes in Europe as children but in USA you cannot find such shoes for kids. All of them are cheaply made out of cheap leather, heavy bulky and they smell. This is why kids have such deformed feet here - it is from the cheap shoes, nothing else. This is why I keep buying European shoes for them since they are the best. My kids feet are perfect and none of them is pigeon toed or have prolonged feet.

Lana D - Brooklyn, NY 2013-12-26 23:53:25

Just perfect slipper for a child. Superior for chubby foot. Easy velcro on and off and color is great (does not show dirt). Inside excellent arch support - that is what we expect from European slippers. Thank you for being the only store who offers a true European made product and top quality. Most of the on-line stores does now even know what orthopedic shoe is......idiots....literally. It was my third order and all the shoes were orthopedic and quality as described. Thank you - be back for Spring shoes very soon.