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Weak ankles boys closed toe sandals from Spain

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Phantomas Blue

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  • Weak ankles boys sandals from Spain
    Supportive with reinforced heel for ankle support.
    Ankles stay in them straight and they are best for ankle pronation.
    Those shoes feature biomechanical soles that were designed in University of Valencia
    That sole is flexible, well made, has arch support and proper ankle support.
    Those are serious quality sandals for a boy.
    Comfort above any other shoes your child ever had.
    Arch support is added to the soles of the model and they close with double velcros.
    Child will never sweat in those shoes either since they feature antibacterial innersoles.
    Easy on and off with velcros.
    Made with blue and hint of orange/beige leather and it is a perfect color for a boy.
    Child can wear them as shoe or sandal all summer long.
    Proper orthopedic shoes for a boy from Spain - original as they should be.
    Those are one fabulous shoes!

    Flexible soles boys shoes with arches

    Ankle support sturdy best shoes for boys


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